Direction of Clinical Research and Innovation

The Oscar Lambret Center is a national reference center for clinical cancer research.

It is the only cancer center in France’s northernmost region Hauts-de-France.

To implement its research policy, in May 2016 the Direction of Clinical Research and Innovation was created, grouping together the existing components to implement and promote this clinical research activity: the Investigation Department with an integrated care unit (including the certified early phase center), Sponsorship Department (Methodology and Biostatistics Unit and Technical and Regulatory Project Management Unit) and Partnerships and Promotion Department.

Clinical research includes any study that aims to evaluate a new treatment/diagnostic tool or understand the causes or factors influencing the course of the disease. It provides new scientific knowledge necessary to make medical progress and improve care.

Although 80% of clinical trials are to evaluate new drugs, the Center is also very involved in trials investigating new radiotherapy and surgery techniques and trials evaluating quality of life (adapted physical activity, dietetics, humanities and social sciences, etc.).

Our activities

  • Responding to requests from sponsors and clinicians
  • Planning and conducting clinical trials
  • Handling biological samples and images
  • Closing out clinical trials and archiving data

Our values

  • Anticipation
  • Organization
  • Responsiveness
  • Communication

Investigating physicians, clinical research associates (CRA), technical operators (radiotherapists, radiologists, pharmacists, biologists), dedicated nurses... an entire team of specialized professionals works together to meet the constraints and requirements of clinical research protocols and monitor patients closely. Clinical trials are indeed subject to rigorous monitoring and frequent reviews, necessary to assess treatment efficacy.

Clinical trial patients are treated by the integrated care team within the Clinical Research and Innovation Office Investigation Unit. Throughout the trial, they are closely monitored in a secure and regulated environment. The DCRI Investigation Unit holds the site authorization for the first administrations to humans and the clinical trials are conducted in specialized departments, in accordance with the highest international research standards.

The research teams are supported by specially trained staff and a specific structure with dedicated premises and beds.

There is a capacity of 10 day hospital beds, 2 treatment rooms (each with 2 armchairs) and 4 consultation rooms for adult patients.

For children, the pediatric unit has 2 consultation rooms, 1 day hospital and and 10 hospital beds with transplant rooms.  

The DCRI can also count on an efficient technical platform (MRI, CT, radiotherapy platform, pharmacy, tumor bank and cancer molecular biology platform).

The DCRI receives bachelor and master students each year, as well as medical and pharmacy interns and residents.

The Sponsorship Department, a team working for future patient care

An important part of developing clinical research at the Center is linked to dynamic sponsorship of clinical trials, proposed by the facility’s doctors or in collaboration with researchers from other establishments.

The studies carried out at the Oscar Lambret Center’s initiative are conducted in France or in Europe. Around 30 studies are sponsored by the Oscar Lambret Center. The number of patients in France or in Europe participating in these studies has stabilized in 2021 (COVID context) with an inclusion of 655 patients.


The Investigation Department, a team working hard to give patients access to the latest innovations

This multidisciplinary department is responsible for patients enrolled in clinical trials at the Oscar Lambret Center.

With over 170 clinical trials each year, including around 30 sponsored by the Center, some 1,000 patients benefit from clinical research at the Center every year, which is above the Cancer Plan target of 10%. This shows just how involved and motivated the Center is when it comes to research and therapeutic innovation.

In 2021, this number increased to 1,309, i.e. 18.6% of patients treated.

The trials conducted at the Oscar Lambret Center are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, cooperative and academic groups, but also include research with institutional sponsors. 

This Investigation Department has the capacity and motivation to conduct trials in all phases proposed by sponsors in France, Europe and elsewhere, including early phase trials through Lille’s CLIP².

180 clinical trials

each year

including thirty sponsored by the Center

1309 patients

enrolled in 2021

at the Oscar Lambret Center


Discover the Direction of Clinical Research and Innovation

Partnerships and promotion Tab

Coordinated by a mission manager, the DCRI enjoys different types of partnerships with clinical research experts, the industry (pharmaceutical firms and CRO), academics and institutions.

The goal is to be at the frontline of research development to help patients.

Close partnerships facilitate scientific and medical collaboration between the various links in the chain of therapeutic innovation.

The key objectives and values of the Clinical Research and Innovation Office are anticipation, communication, organization, responsiveness and quality of service.

We constantly monitor the quality of our services both from a technical and regulatory perspective and in terms of patient safety.

A quality manager coordinates the teams to drives our quality approach.

A scientific assistant assists the researchers at all stages of research promotion (from literature searches to the publication of articles). She is also the contact for organizing internal scientific meetings and scientific meetings with partners.


The DCRI's institutional and academic partners include:

Our team

Investigation team

CRA/CRT Manager
+33 3 20 29 59 35
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sponsorship Team

Marie-Cécile LE DELEY
Sponsorship Unit Manager

Pharmacovigilance/Project Management Unit Manager
+33 3 20 29 59 18
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Marie-Cécile LE DELEY
Methodology and Biostatistics Unit Manager
+33 3 20 29 58 93

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